A bet on an individual total over 0.75 is an option for betting on the advantage of the team. The bet is not in great demand among players – bookmakers put low odds on the market.

What is 0.75

A bet on over 0.75 implies a value over 0.75 goals or points. Bookmakers offer customers to bet with a similar outcome on indicators:

  • red cards;
  • penalty;
  • individual indicators of players;
  • goals scored in a certain time period.

Individual total over 0.75

Experts believe that betting on totals over 0.75 is an unfortunate option for players in football and other sports with a low performance indicator.

The bookmaker can increase the odds to get more profit from clients’ losses.

In football, you can only score an integer number of goals. A bet on 0.75 goals implies a refund in case of a loss. The bookmaker divides the bet into two parts:

  • 50% – for total over 1.0;
  • 50% – for total over 0.5.
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