A bookmaker is an organization that accepts bets on the outcome of sports competitions. Today, bookmakers have moved online, so you can choose the one that offers the highest odds or the most convenient betting process.

Better (bettor)

A bettor is a person who bets on sports. The term is derived from the English bet – “bet”.


An analyst is an employee of a bookmaker who professionally analyzes and systematizes sports statistics. The coefficients in the outcomes and the depth of painting depend on it. Twitter

An exchange is a trading platform between players. On it, bettors can sell their bets before their outcome. The cost does not depend on the coefficients and is set by the player independently.

On some exchanges, players can feel like bookmakers on their own by starting to accept bets from other bettors.

It should be noted that not all bookmakers have exchanges.


An insider is a person who has closed (secret) information about the outcome of a sporting event. Insiders usually sell the information they have.

It is worth noting that the so-called “fixed matches” are rare lately and only in some disciplines, so you should not trust every person who presents as an insider and their predictions.


A tipster is a person who sells sports analytics and betting recommendations. Do not confuse with an insider – these are different concepts. The insider allegedly possesses classified information. And the tipster just did his own analysis, and based on it he recommends making a bet.


There is one interesting “win-win” approach in betting – when a bettor bets on two opposite outcomes of a match in different offices. This allows him to win no matter what the outcome. For example, he makes two bets – that team 1 will win, and that the opponent will win. Such bets are called “forks”. And the bettor who uses this strategy is a “arb”.

Inplay (live)

Inplay (live) – bets that are made directly during the match.

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