What is a “save”?

The word “save” is derived from the English word “save”. It is used to mean a goalkeeper saved a shot by an opponent.

What is a goalkeeper’s save?

It is the most important part of a goalkeeper’s save. The whole game can be decided by a goalkeeper’s successful save. If the goalkeeper saves a shot which would have been dropped, it is called a supersave.

In order to be able to make a save the goalkeeper has to have a good reaction, but also a good jumping ability.

save in football

What is a ‘save’ in football?

The best modern player to ever make a supersave save is Buffon from Italy. Despite being relegated to the lower divisions of the country, he did not leave the club, as most of the Turin leaders did, but stayed on and won the Italian championship, and reached the final of the 2016-2017 Champions League, where the Turin side fell just short of winning the coveted trophy. For that, he is idolised by millions of fans around the world, and his super-saves continue to delight the public.

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